Q&A for The Tattoo Boat!

Q: What is the Tattoo Boat?
A: It’s the one and only sailing Tattoo Convention in Europe.

Q: Sailing? Is the ship really moving?
A: Yep, the 2500 passenger big cruise ship sails from Stockholm in Sweden to Turku in Finland and back. All within 23 hours.

Q: Can you really tattoo on a sailing ship, isn’t there a lot of movement?
A: This is a huge ship, and there needs to be a lot of wind to move this giant piece of metal around. Also the route is close to solid land and islands 20 hours out of the 23 hours the cruise last, so there are almost no waves even if it’s windy.

Q: Why a sailing tattoo convention?
A: the modern tattoo art spread through the world with the sailors, this is our way of showing tribute to them, and to re-conquer the ocean in their spirits.

Q: you said 2500 passenger ship? I thought it was only 1800?
A: It was 1800 passenger in 2007 and 2008, from 2009 The Tattoo Boat will be on the larger cruise ship Silja Galaxy which was built 2005/2006.

Q: How many artists are there on The Tattoo Boat?
A: 60+ from all over the globe.

Q: Are there any other happenings on the Tattoo Boat?
A: There are seven different bars, several bands performing, tax free, 5 different restaurants, lots and lots of happenings. We do our best to keep everyone happy and if you are up for it, there is constantly something going on. Also there are Tattoo fusion and Art Fusion during the trip.

Q: Tattoo fusion?
A: it’s like art fusion, but instead of pencils and canvas there are skin, ink and needles.

Q: I would like to get a tattoo fusion tattoo! How do I join?
A: You can apply by e-mailing you’re interest to artist@tattoobaten.se.

Q: What happens with the Art-fusion drawings?
A: The will be auctioned out to high bidders in the future…

Q: what happens with the money from the sale?
A: All income will be given solely to an interest group whom support and work for the tattoo artists and tattoo culture in Sweden.

Q: But all of these bars and tax free – doesn’t that equal a lot of drunk and annoying passengers?
A: Of cause there is a party, but there are no beers or spirits allowed at the convention area, and there is security to make sure that this is followed.

Q: Are there any best of competitions?
A: There are five categories of best of competitions; black & grey, colour, big one, small one, realistic and best of cruise.

Q: Are there any merchandise traders?
A: Yes, there are several high quality merchandise and lifestyle traders on the cruise.

Q: Can you pay with credit card?
A: You may pay with credit card in the restaurants, bars and tax free. The Tattoo artists and merchandise stands require cash.

Q: can I withdraw cash on board the ship?
A: No, there is no such service. You need to bring cash with you prior of entering the Tattoo Boat.

Q: I’m a tattoo artist, is there any supplier on board?
A: Yes, there will be suppliers for both machines, needles and colours on the Tattoo Boat.

Q: What about piercing?
A: There are also a couple of high quality piercing studios on the Tattoo Boat.

Q: This sound like lots of fun! When is the next cruise?
A: It is sailing of on the 11th-12th of march 2010.

Q: I’m a tattoo artist, how do I join?
A: please send an e-mail to artist@tattoobaten.se.

Q: How do I book a ticket?
A: Call ticket hotline at +4686663333, when they start speaking press 1 and you will be directed to personal service. State Booking code: TATTOO on purchase.

Q: How do I book time for a tattoo?
A: Please check out the artists and get in direct contact to your favourite tattooists. The Tattoo Boat do not have anything to do with the artists working schedule.

Q: What is Styrmans Produktioner?
A: It is the company which arrange the Tattoo Boat.
It is owned by Rasmus Reckeweg (styrman@tattoobaten.se) who does all overall planning, and Kristian Möllerström (kristian@tattoobaten.se) who has all contact with the tattoo artists, and also handles art and tattoo-fusion.
Together they are the Tattoo Boat!